Female Scammer Irina 


Female Scammer Irina 

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First Name: Irina
Location [Address]: unknown Zvenigovo (Russia)
Age: 30
Birth Date:
Aliases: Ira, Irena, Irene, Irinka, Iri

Reports :

It's really nice to see your message today in my inbox Richard and thank you for nice picture that you sent me, I like it and hope you continue to send it to me. At the end of I read this, I comprehend that we might continue get to know each other and I hope that it will be interesting and pleasant for both of us! Thank you for your answer's to my questions in antecedent letter. Sorry, I realize that I lost sight to give my own response's to the same questions. At first I wish to do it. I take an interest in animals very much, but I don't have anyone at home, due to I indwell a lone and most of time I spend at task or out of my flat. I take an interest in small cities or villages as mine, due to it's very calm, without too much noise and traffic, without constant hurry up. But from the other side I think I could exist in large city too. When I studied in university on faculty of social technology we had a summer practice in home for the elderly and it was really best work I ever prepared. I liked so much to take care of them, to speak many hours with them of they life experience and I in addition saw that it was useful for them also. But, such kind of work in ordinary life here has very poor salary and I couldn't return to it. I have little really close friends, they are females. I don't meet them too often, but I take an interest in each of such meeting.


I left behind to tell you that my birthday is on 15 of November, so this year I will be 31 already, my height is 177 centimeters, my weight is 78 kilograms. So as you could see I'm not slim (smile), my eyes color is brown. My original hair color is brunette, but now you see I'm blonde. As you recognize, I'm from Azerbaijan Most people are Muslim here. Religion has very strong influence to a local life, traditions and rules. If to tell you the truth, I don't like so much this religion, cause role of woman and its position not very pleasant in it. I don't follow its traditions and rules and don't visit mosque. Maybe it's just in my country developed this way, I don't know. Maybe in other countries it's different. That's why I decided to look for my second half on Internet, foreign parts. I give my word to tell you of my previous unhappy experience with it. Yes, I got response's from others men, but I suppose that they was not serious of long term relations with me. One of them didn't believe that I'm real. Another one was interested exclusively about my photos without clothes. The worse one seems to be maniac I even afraid of him and his words little. So subsequent to your response I saw that you absolute dissimilar and we can continue our two-way communication and see where it bring us to. And it was the main reason, why I would like that our communication start by email first and later we could use not the same options.


I was born in a Muslim family, in the city of Kaba. I can say, that my father is orthodox Muslim. That's why most of my life I was raised according traditions of my religion. I saw a lot of injustice from early childhood. My father tried to control each of my steps, he told what and I should do and I couldn't even argue to him. Later, when I was just 16 y.o. he tried to find a husband for me first time and he was very angry with me that I refused. My mother was trying to protect me as much as possible, but father didn't hear her. In 18 y.o. I went to capital Baku, to university, and I was educated there as Human Resources Manager. In the university I learned English very well and German language. I know both **** and written using of this. Even now, when I have time I also try to learn other languages now, such as Spanish or Italian. After finishing university, I returned to my father and he second time started to search a husband for me and then I already couldn't fight and argue him. So yes, I was married. I don't have kids. And it was the worse 5 years of my life. I still see it sometimes in my nightmares. I think I will tell you this in my next letter in details. Now I'm 4 years divorced and absolute ready for new relations. All what I did the last 4 years it was trying to forget all what did with me my husband and tried to learn how to trust men again. I couldn't return to my father's house, since according tradition when I divorced with my husband, I dishonored my father's house and he told me that he don't want to know me anymore.


Since that time I moved to Oxud and work in post office. The same time my grandmother (mother of my mom) gave me as a present all her savings for I could use it as initial mortgage payment and buy a flat here. So now about 30% of my salary I pay for mortgage and going to pay it 6 years more. So, the last 4 years I live an independent life. I would be really interesting to know of how was your childhood? Was it happy and full of parents love? If you have nice memories about it or may be you don't want to remember this as I do? These 4 years of my previous life was very busy time for me, since I should task much to provide myself and my needs. So I almost didn't have time for personal life. Since that time I spent enough lots of time trying to find my self. I made a big tattoo on my hand, I made a nose piercing. Now when I try to analyze it, I start to think that I did all for none local man ever tried to look at me and show sympathy. Since local Muslim men don't like such things as piercing or tattoo on woman. I hope for you it's not as important as for them? Anyway, all this is just my past experiments which were necessary for me that time for something, which I even can't explain well now. And I'm for sure don't plan to make new tattoos or piercing any new place of my body. Because now for me there is one main goal in this life and I want to achieve it. I want to feel love, care, and have closed one man in my life. And I think I'm ready for this.I do not suppose it's much or it is difficult, but that's all I really necessary to be happy. I don't have numerous hobbies.


I spend a healthy life. Half year ago I started do fitness when I have time for it. because I want to keep my body well and health long. I admire to see interesting movies, listen to music and cook delicious. I'll tell you about it later in addition. What about you? What do you take pleasure in to do in your spare time? I also fail to remember that I promised to tell you extra ideas about our years difference. I believe that this really doesn't so matter. If souls of 2 persons wish to be near each other, if they feel comfortable together, if they have strong feelings and common plans for this life, then it doesn't matter how many years are between of them. I think in idea that all ages are good for love. Oh, I see how many words and thoughts I earlier wrote you today (smile). I am afraid that you will be bored (smile). Because of it, I think it will be rather to finish my letter today. I will understand you, if you can not write me the same great letters. But I hope you can reply my questions, which I wrote you in this message and as well give me your thought on what I wrote you about my antecedent life. Write me back soon. I hope to receive your reply soon.



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