Female Scammer Girl Malinka

Girl Malinka

Female Scammer Girl Malinka

E-mail: girlmalinka@yandex.ru
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First Name: Girl
Location [Address]:
Age: 33
Birth Date: 6/2/1985

Girl Malinka

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Girl Malinka

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Scamming scenario:

Hello to you my sweety :) How are you today ?

And I hope everything is ok with you :) And you have already miss me ;) I missed you and really glad to get some news from your life!!!

And thank you very much for the compliments!!! :) I am happy to hear that you like my photos every time... And hope today when you will see my new picture you will "love" me more :) I made them in the morning before job... ;) And do you like my underwear? What kind of pants do you like more on the woman - bikini or strings? Do you like to wear bikini or strings more?

And as for continue telling about me, Brad... ;) I want to tell you about my hobbies... Do you know, I love nature... I love travel somewhere in the mountains and see all beauty of trees, of flowers, of forest's rivers and lakes... I love to lie in the grass and see in the sky - blue, clear and faraway... Where birds fly and sun shine... I also love to sit on the beach and meet sunset and sunrise... and hear voice of waves... and be in quite and romantic mood there... And what is romantic for you? Can share your plans for the future? Do you want to come to visit me one day? Or maybe you will invite me to your country? ;)

And what else make me smile? I love to have correspondence with you... It is my loveliest hobby for now... :) And I hope that it will not change because I do not want to lose you... I know you only some short time... But it delays ;) And I wake up with thoughts - how faster go to the translation bureau to receive your letter and answer you... :) And yes - I use translation bureau because I do not have

own computer and know only basics from English and can not tired friends to help me because I am independent and could decide all questions by myself... :) Is it right?

Ok, I will finish my letter for now... Hope you could know something new from it about me... Hope I could know something new about you and your feelings from your reply... Be careful, Brad!!! And do not forget to send me some kisses on the luck :)

Your Olha :-*

I hope every thing is moving on well.

Honestly, it is God who saw your pure heart and brought you to help me; He knows that you are the right person for me and that you will be honest till the end. I prayed seriously for God to give me a nice and sincere person who will be sincere and can take very good care of me. God answered my prayer by bringing you into my life, you are the right person i choose to help me and i hope you will not betrayed my trust. Most importantly i want you to fill the gap which the death of my parents created in my heart and moreover i want you to bring me out of this terrible refugee camp to your country immediately after the transfer. Every minutes I think of my situation here, it makes me shield tears always because I have never expected such in my life. Below is the contact of the bank, please contact the bank by their e-mail address immediately.Let them know that you are my partner for the transfer of the fund and also ask them the possibilities to transfer my late father s fund into your account, in the account details. Here is the contact of the bank to write them :

Contact Personal Email,
or manager email
Name of the official transfer - Peter Sands.
Phone Number: 00447031828803
Phone Number: 00447031899625
Fax Number: +44-87-1256-029059576
Information on the Code following the deposit.
Name of depositor: Engr. Clifford Philippe
Nationality: Liberia
Then the family: Miss Rosine Philippe
Deposited amount: US dollars for $ 4.7 million
Account Number: SCBPJ715608802536/ZU/44/D
The money is deposited in my name Miss Rosine Philippe, communicate with them now on how to allocate the money ($4.7million) into your account the money was deposited by my deceased father, whom I am the next of kin for the family.
Honey, I have decided to offer you 25% of the whole money as a compensation and in showing appreciation for your kind help in this transaction.
i will like you to send the Bank an email with there official address in this massage, or you can also call them with there official telephone number if you wish to speak to the bank manager him self.
Honey, i am waiting to hear from you soonest.
May Almighty God bless you.
Yours, darling
Rosine Phillippe

Good day, Dear Sir !

Welcome to our translation bureau "Arbuz"

Sorry for the trouble you but we have to write you. We are providing all types of translations such as spoken language and in written form. We assure absolute confidence correspondences to all our clients. Also our company offer salable prices and high quality of translations. And we are making our service open to everybody.

We provide different translation services:

- personal and corporation documents;

- negotiations, business, personal meetings;

- telephone talks;

- talks by web camera;

- foreign travel interpreter service;

- interpreter-guide;

- notary authorized documents translations.

We also print, scan and copy all types of pictures, photos and documents.

And we would like to inform you that your lady Olha Wisnowitch is our client. She used our service to translate your correspondence from the very beginning as you know. For that moment she is not able to pay for the translation due to her financial instability. And today Olha has asked us to send you this information letter for you to be sure that she is serious about you, she does not want to lose you and she is looking forward to continue your relation.

If you have a possibility to help your lady replenish account in our company to continue your correspondence for now we can send you the information concerning the prices for using our services.

Thank you for your attention. We are waiting for your decision.


manager of the

translation bureau "Arbuz"

Slava Sergeevna

Good day, Dear Sir !
Welcome to our translation bureau "Arbuz"
Thank you for your attention. But we would like to inform
you that your lady Olha can't write you in her native
language because she does not have own computer and can't
use it. So, for speaking with you she need to use our
service. So, if you want to continue your relationship with
Olha - please, replenish account in our company and discuss
all your questions with your lady personally.
We are waiting for your decision.
manager of the
translation bureau "Arbuz"
Slava Sergeevna

Good day, Dear Sir !
Welcome to our translation bureau "Arbuz"
We are sorry for the trouble you for now. But you have to know that your lady Olha visits our company every day because she still hopes that you could support her and you will be able to continue learn each other better and create happy future together. But you do not write her anything for a long time and Olha worries about you and misses you and interesting - are you still serious about her or not.
Thank you for your attention.
Do you have anything to retell your lady ?
manager of the
translation bureau "Arbuz"
Slava Sergeevna

Dear Sir,
Welcome to our translation bureau "Arbuz" :
Thank you for your attention to our information letter. We will inform your lady Olha that you would like to continue your relation and about your decision to use our service.
Translation into Russian:
- one letter - 5 USD,
Translation into English:

- one letter - 5 USD,
- phone conversation (per 10 minutes) - 7 USD,
- communication by web cam (per 10 minute) - 49.50 USD,
- during meeting:
1. per hour 25 USD,
2. per day 120 USD,
Other services:
- sending (scanning) one picture - 3 USD,
- receiving (printing) one picture - 3 USD,
1. PER MONTH: 240 USD,
Ways of payment: - MoneyGram,
- Unistream,
- RIA,
- Bank Transfer.
!!! Western Union does not work in our region !!!
Information you need for making payment :
the name of receiver Olha Wisnowitch
the TOWN Katerinivka
the address Novaya str. 15
zip code 91000
country UKRAINE
After making payment, please, inform us about its details
with the full information for getting it:
- your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number.
And as soon your lady will receive your money as fast she will put them on your account and you could continue your correspondence.
We are waiting for your reply.
Have a good day !
manager of the
translation bureau "Arbuz"
Slava Sergeevna



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