Female Scammer Elena 


Female Scammer Elena 

E-mail: Elena_cz@mail.ru
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First Name: Elena
Location [Address]: unknown Yoshkar-Ola (Russia)
Age: 31
Birth Date:
Aliases: Alenka, Eleena, Elen, Elenka,

Reports :

Letter 1Hi my dear!!! Hi my love Sid!!!! How you my love? How your health? I am again very glad as always to your letter!!!! I love you and very much I miss on you!!!! Today fine day and wonderful weather!!! But the cold has all the same an effect... Lovely mine, I have news to you. Today I again went to travel agency and I asked them, that they would find to me tickets on cheaper.
I because understand, that it is very big sum and that it will be difficult for us. Yes, the manager of travel agency has told to me, that there are tickets for 798 USD $. I have explained to the manager of the company what situation at me and it has understood me. She has told to me if I can pay for their services in the near future, and it 798USD for tickets, and 370 USD for the passport and the visa. I Lovely mine, in a total sum I need 1300USD. as the manager of the company has told to me, that we with you can take advantage of remittances system the Western Union. It is fast, reliable and convenient, without dangerous. I was mistaken about the beginning, I have understood that as though it in euro... Forgive me.... And so, if I shall start to do the documents in the near future, since that day as I can payment for their services.. I!!! My love Sid I can already embrace and kiss you you in 2 weeks!!!! I so want it awfully!!!! I very much love you and I miss on you... I so want you awfully... And for me time goes really very slowly.. And on soul in pair melancholy... But you my love always with me!!!! If I have arrived to you to the country and began to live there certainly I very much wanted to work in a kindergarten and to me on my work would give very good recommendations...
My Love, on work at me really all it is fine, only ideas about you and only about you my love!!!! Lovely mine, I shall call to you in the birthday!!! Wait for my bell!!! I really want to hear your fine voice!!! I love you and I miss very strongly.... You in my heart!!!! There has now come time to go and I shall wait for your letter with big not patience. With sincere love to you. Yours and only yours on always Elena".



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