Female Scammer elizaveta nikolaeva

elizaveta nikolaeva

Female Scammer elizaveta nikolaeva

E-mail: nikozaveta@wipsanet.com

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First Name: elizaveta
Location [Address]: Ulyanovsk
Age: 32
Birth Date: 1989-05-03

elizaveta nikolaeva

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Hello my dear make a money transfer Inbox Elizaveta Attachments 10:05 AM (7 hours ago) to me Hello my dear, Today I felt like banging my head against a closed door. And this locked door, that's you. My head is hurting. How much more should I hit my head? You probably want me to break my head? That's not funny. What do you do with me? I'll even send you a Foto of myself that I'm in Moscow and a copy of my visa but you're still laughing at me I'm like the last fool to drop everything. I'm going to the airport to get on the plane and fly to you And now all that remains is to show that I have cash in the hands. for every day of stay in your country In other words, I still have to get permission even if you leave me I still need to get permission (green light) You have decided that you can take it and leave me alone with problems here at Moscow Airport? I didn't mean to say that, but I'll say it. You are not acting the real man. You don't give me anything.. Show what kind of man you are! And how do you solve a problem if it is! You just took me and threw me away like a garbage bag! Outwards! Out the door Your inaction shows how you feel about me now. And the fact that I will meet you will show you how I feel about you. My actions show that I want to get to know you personally. Why are you pouring mud on me from a dirty bucket? Really I deserve it? Why are you doing so cruel to me? What else must happen to me? What would you take and pity me. Do you want the worst for me? This is the only reason I always write to you about money. Because this is the only question I have to solve in a short time. If I had another opportunity I wouldn't ask anything of you. I personally would solve this problem if it were in my power. But now I'm alone In a big city. And I don't have anyone right now to ask for help. Only you are with me, so I ask you to help me now. Please If you feel sorry for me at all, Take in hand 220 dollars and go to the nearest office Use Western Union or Ria for this and send this money 220 dollars In my name and surname: ELIZAVETA NIKOLAEVA. Just take the money and go to the nearest Western Union or Ria office. Along with this letter. I send you my kiss. Your Elizaveta 2 Attachments Bird Nest Code 7 Center 5:21 PM (14 minutes ago) to Natalia, Natasha, nikozaveta, bcc: Alien, bcc: Bird, bcc: Outlook.com, bcc: Security I am happy that you are arriving directly To me today via Airport to become me Permanent Love Affection Totally Permanent Woman today at the Airport. I am here waiting for you to arrive to me Right now, so that you can cook me dinner And also I need lotions put on my legs And help me wash up in the shower. As you know it’s very super hot here. The temperature is very dangerous here. Please hurry and arrive to me very fast Right now!! I am ready for you to be permanent love Making woman to me right now, Please hurry Very Fast!!! I have severe damage to my body!! Do you understand these words? The Electric power has been turned off here!! Do you understand these words? No Electricity! Tonight the temperature will be Freezing again!! I may freeze to death tonight! Can you help me? It's dangerous weather here, freezing cold at night! No foods to eat here!! Do you understand these words???




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