Female Scammer Dinara Vasinova

Dinara Vasinova

Female Scammer Dinara Vasinova

E-mail: vasinovad@gmail.com
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First Name: Dinara
Location [Address]: Yuzhny
Age: 33
Birth Date: 15-08-1982
Dinara Vasinova

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Reports :

Letter Good Morning my Dear.How are u doing this morning BillY . am doing very well and fine in God Grace and hope u are also doing very well and great. in fact i have really miss u so much here BillY and have been thinking so much and alot of u as well my dear. and am so sorry u are thinking that way Billy though am so much interested and in love with u and always wish to be next to u one day. Well my dear you know i told u it wasnt my fault for all this to happened as i already told u the Immigrations wont let me pass away without showing them thee pocket money or declaration. and you should always know am not paying that money to anyone my dear. am only showing that money to the American Immigration for them to see am travelling to without any problem which i can cater for my self in case of any problem or airline failure. and as am writing u this email. i contact the American Emmbassy last friday for some Enquiries about my ticket . and you know i have paid for my ticket which am sopose to get it rebooked last thursday. but there was a meeting at the airline office so i could not get my flight booked as i was told i will get it today.. and i just got a call this morning from the American Emmbassy about my ticket and other info as well. so now Billy i have my ticket now and the details which i want to show u and let u see and know am for real and all yours and willing to be there with u and spend the rest of my life with u as well. because u are the man who has touch my heart with much love. and happiness although am not with you thought i always feel better and good and wishing our dreams come true soon then we be together as a great and good couples. My love here is the flight info shown as follows. and am i hope u are okay with me my dear.



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