Female Scammer Cynthia 


Female Scammer Cynthia 

E-mail: cyndoll1083@yahoo.com
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First Name: Cynthia
Location [Address]: Waynesville, MO
Age: 37
Birth Date: 31-12-1978


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Reports :

Letter 1I met someone called Rhodaline Yeboah supposedly from Ghana. I was looking for love. I was lonely and depressed alot. So I tried Asiandating.com website. She contacted me sent me her email address. We emailed each other alot after that. We sent each other pictures of each other. We talked about our life stories I thought we were really close. And I was really attracted to her alot. Then we set up whats app on our phones too. She really sounded like an amazing woman. I truly felt that I was in love with her. I sent her money for clothes bills off and on after that. I even sent her money to get an engagement ring too. So we are supposedly engaged then. Everything was going great. I truly believed I was gonna marry this woman. We both told each that we loved each other everyday and were gonna marry each other in 2014. I was getting a large bonus at work and she was gonna relocate to marry me. I sent her money on Western Union alot until one time my payment was withheld by Western Union. It was suspisious they asked me if I ever met her in person. And they never put payment through. Then she told me to use moneygram after that and I did. But I was suspicious now she told me to send money to her other name she used which was Pearl Tetteh. She said it was her tribe name. I had doubts but I still sent her money because I really felt that I loved her. I got my bonus at work in March 2014. She said she needed $2000 for her passport and police and medical report. It seemed alot for that. But I was stupid enough to send it to her. But then I checked for prices on internet and it doesn't cost as much as she told me. And the exchange rate from moneygram she lied about too because whatever I sent her she got double that in Ghana money. She then told me she needed another $680 to pay agency after the $2000 already give to them. I questioned it alot. Then she told me that she needed another $8000 in a bank account to get her visa. Just to show she had money for herself her. She even told me to sell my nice car to pay for the visa for her. That was the last lie for me from her. I asked her if I could come and visit her first before she came to my country. She got all mad and defensive saying its not safe to come to her country for me. And we had plans for her to relocate. I told her I was having doubts about her honesty. And to even hook up skype so we can see other too. She got mad but eventually set up skype to see each other. I just had enough of the lies so I changed my cell number and email address. Three weeks later she texted me on my skype but told her it was over for good. Then I recently went on stop scammers website and saw A woman named Regina Addy is the woman of the pictures that this person sent me I was really shocked. She is absolutely a scammer. And I also saw her pistures on a christian website now too. This woman or person she be caught and dealt with accordingly. They hurt me emotionally and financially. I hope someone catches her one day soon.



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