Female Scammer Annie Randall

Annie Randall

Female Scammer Annie Randall

E-mail: petasun88@aol.com
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First Name: Annie
Location [Address]: 4 Bode Thomas rd., Bariga, Lag Bariga (Nigeria); Lagos (Nige
Age: 29
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Claims to be lonely and abused by Russian men. She writes nearly every day and her English is much better than most. This one takes her time trying to win over her victim's confidence. She waits about 3 weeks before announcing that she's fallen in love, then another 2-3 weeks before she tries to scam for plane fare the US. At one point she sent me a sexual fantasy that was obviously written by someone else because the English was much better than hers. As 'proof' of her sincerity she sent a photograph of a US tourist visa with her picture and name on it. I was already suspicious and forwarded it to the US Embassy in Moscow - they quickly confirmed by return email that the visa was a forgery. After that I just strung her along, dangling the prospect of sending her money but inventing lots of reasons for delays, just to annoy her. I recommend this strategy to all guys who think they are dealing with a scammer: they're all trying to get you to wire them cash by Western Union, so dangle the carrot in front of them and keep them thinking they're just about to score. At first she asked for $1000 and when I balked at sending that amount she offered to settle for a special half-price 'scammer's discount' of $500 instead. Her end game is actually very clumsy and full of mistakes and contradictions. She told me she went to the WU office in Satka (where she claimed to live) for instructions about wiring cash to Russia, and just a few lines later told me that there was no WU office in Satka so I should send it to Ufa instead (about 60 km away from Satka). My guess is that she actually lives in Ufa. Each time she asked for the 'plane fare' I reminded her that her tourist visa was a fake & she would never get on a plane with it. She simply ignored this contradiction and continually asked for the half-price plane fare. I tried to get her to send me $100 dollars first as a gesture of trust, but was not successful. Eventually she realized she wasn't going to be able to scam me & announced she was breaking up with me because we have no future together.I sent her a final email telling her exactly what she was (a liar and thief) and how I was on to her almost from the beginning.



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