Female Scammer Yana 


Female Scammer Yana 

E-mail: jana7@gmail.com
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First Name: Yana
Location [Address]: unknown Moscow (Russia)
Age: 29
Birth Date:
Aliases: Iana, Iyana, Jana, Janna, Jann

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I had posted my profile on speed date where we she contacted me. We started chatting where we agree that she would come to the United State to marry me. She asks for passport, medical, cross and airfare money. She is giving me stories that she got stop by immigration and that she cannot leave England because she owe back taxes there for the house in Bentham which I saw on goggle earth. I send her close to $2.000 and she told me that they kept her papers and had to use the money to get out of detention there. Now she is asking me for 2.500 British pounds to get the papers back. She is staying right now in London right now with a friend name Gwen, her friend Gwen e-mail address is gwenmfletchers@ymail.com. They both are working together and according to Sandra she is now staying with Gwen who is waiting for $300.00 April 3 2010 for allegedly loaning the money to Sandra for going to Bentham to see her mother. Sandra said that Monday March 29, 2010 she is going to court where is to see a judge about back taxes she owes for the house in Bentham which i saw on goggle earth. She have been sending text asking for 2500 pound that she needs for to get passport, medical paper and documents that she got with money that she got from me. She was suppose to marry me as soon as she will get to the United States. I gave her close to $2.000 for papers and air fare money. She is very persuasive and tells a lot of funny questionable stories. She keeps telling me stories and will contact me.



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