Female Scammer Sandra 


Female Scammer Sandra 

E-mail: lovelysandra19@gmail.com
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First Name: Sandra
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 29
Birth Date:
Aliases: Samdra, Sandrah

Reports :

Letter 1dont have any letters all on line same thing meet she loved me in a couple days.. hates nigeria wants beter life ... single parent ..send money....send money .....send money... Letter 2 Good Morning...How was your Night doing today..I hope everything is okay with you over there..I got your email you send to me here..I really appreciate all your effort concerning My Situation I'm going through here..I couldn't believe you can email me back..Yes..I am using the Hotel Internet ca fey to Communicate with you right now..I just don't know what to do..Because this Place is too Hurt for me to stay anymore...I want you to Understand that I am not After your Money or something and Besides your Money cannot even buy My Love from me..Its because I really Love the way you care about My Situation I'm going through here and I would Love to get to know you better..I want to meet someone Like you with so Much respect for Woman......I want you to Know that I do have My return ticket back to the States..But its has been seized by the Hotel manager here due to my owe here..If i can get the Bills Sorted tonight..I will probably leave here First thing tomorrow Morning.....I am presently in Lagos Nigeria...If you are willing to help me out of here..You can Also send the Money Via Western Union ..And I will send the Payment confirmation to the Hotel management...Right now I am owning 725$ for the Hotel Bill.I know its alot of Money..But I promise to do anything to repay you back.. I want you to send the Money to My Information Via Western Union Money Transfer. Name............CORA NUGENT CITY................IKEJA STATE.................LAGOS ZIP CODE...............23401 COUNTRY.................NIGERIA And as soon you send the Money..I want you to email me the Information of Western union...And Beside you haven't tell me the Nearest Airport to you with your Phone Number...So whenever I arrived..I will call you at the Airport for you to come and Pick me up..And I promise to do anything to repay you back in person..I am so Lonely here..I just don't know where to start from anymore....Right now Its already 5:35pm in Nigeria..I will check back in 1hours to read Good News from you. Load of Love. Cora



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