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Female Scammer Nelli 


Female Scammer Nelli 


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First Name: Nelli
Location [Address]: unknown Yoshkar-Ola (Russia)
Age: 34
Birth Date:
Aliases: Nellis, Nelly

Reports :

Hi. At first I wish to tell thank you Richard for your reply to my early small writing! Forgive me, for being late with my reply, I had much work this days. I expect you really got interest to me and after your response to this my writing I will be absolute sure about it. So this my message will not be too large and not so enlightening. I hope you will not be insulted by it? So, as you know I'm Esmi. My age is 30 y.o. and I live in country Azerbaijan. I live independently remote from my parents many years. I have a career as administrator of local Post Office. Have no kids and no siblings. To receive your touch details I went to close international dating agency. I rewarded them small assets for they provide me quite a number email addresses of alone men from out of my country. My first not big writing was sent from different email. You took it from email which dating agency did. It was their condition to be sure that they did their job well and got real response's for me. Now I contacting you from my personal email. And only I can use it. I go into detail about it to you realize why my email changed.


In this message I as well would like to say, that I'm absolute serious of my purpose to find my second half. And for this in my next messages I will tell you much more of me and my life. For you have the ability to learn me better and for I may do so. Among other things, I hope you will not be against if I write you big, enlightening letters in future? Will you have time to read and answer it? For I might either see that you are serious about it. I hope at least we might convert into good friends at the final or anybody more closed. Do you have a large number of close friends? I want to affirm you straight away that for me no matter age difference or something like this. I will tell you about it more my ideas in my later on message's and I hope you realize it.


I will write you my writing's from my jobbing if I have time or from internet cafe, because I do not have a computer at home. Cellular internet as well work bad in my zone since there are a lot of mountains around and in my country it works excellent exclusively in the capital, in Baku and another massive cities. Because of it I can't be tons of time on-line. I either have no any registrations of social networks such as Face Book. Perhaps for you it seems untypical according your ideas of modern life, but I really don't have need of this. I have only a few close friends and most of them exist here in my city. Even if you verify on internet very few people from my country there are in international social networks. There are few reasons for it and I will also tell you about it in my later on letters. I have a usual Cellular phone (not smart phone), but it works only inside of my country. So to get started our letters writing I propose to use e-mail and further when I be informed about you better, we will find some different ways to hear from, I promise you.


I will tell you in my next message that I had earlier some sad experience about internet, so I'm trying to be prudently now. Sorry, I fail to remember to tell, that I live in small city Oxud. I've never been a foreign country. I consider I must stop on it. I expect that you not lose your interest in me at the end of thumb through this message. I in addition expect that you will write me some more facts about your life and also send me more fotos. Just few questions for you extra(smile). Do you take pleasure in animals? What was the best thing you ever done in your life? Do you take pleasure in large cities more or countryside and why? I suppose sufficient questions for starting point(smile). I really hope that start of this communication might convert into a begin of new life for both us. I guess in your and my previous life there were some unhappy moments and periods… And I'm just demand you to give me an opportunity to recognize you better! Who knows, possibly I may help you leave behind all the heavy-hearted things that were in your antecedent life.



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