Female Scammer Nadia Adam

Nadia Adam

Female Scammer Nadia Adam

E-mail: honestnadia23k@yahoo.com

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First Name: Nadia
Location [Address]: unknown Accra (Ghana)
Age: 26
Birth Date:
Aliases: Nadiah, Nadiya

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Scammer Scenario

Her messages to me: Hi...happy new year beautiful woman.Thanks for your sweet words. How are u doing Am doing good but am not happy Am so lonely at home Nobody to talk to Even share my feelings with All my friends live far from me I don't like making friends where I live U don't no me I have try it before and it affect my marriage So I promise myself not to make friends around where I live But am planning to do so Am still looking for a man Is what I like my husband will like That why before I will marry I will tell my husband what I like and hate I can't keep my husband in the cage please U don't no what I pass true in life What do u want to no about me I need love that is what happened to me What I answer u don't answer me well too Listen please try and read back the message again and u will see who is wrong U so supposed to ask me like don't u have any boy friend Or don't u have kids U are asking me what happened to me I have just one kid And he live with me What about u do u have children.



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