Female Scammer Juliet Williams

Juliet Williams

Female Scammer Juliet Williams

E-mail: JulietWilliams01@hotmail.com

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First Name: Juliet
Location [Address]: Seydel str., 27, Berlin, Germa Ilesa (Nigeria)
Age: 32
Birth Date:
Aliases: Juilet, Julliet

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Scam Report:
Here a new twist a scam I've never heard of before I was contacted the first day I joined Mingle2 A young lady from China. We started chatting and eventually moved to WhatsApp. We had a video call so she is not a catfish. Started out very casual. She said she often visits Toronto so maybe we could have lunch. Progressed to candle light dinner. She claims to own a luxury shop selling high end watches. 3 stores in China and one in U.K. I thought she was going to try to sell me a fake Rolex. Nope much more than that. Starts telling me how much she make a year. Has a Mercedes-Benz BMW andPorsche. Then wants to know my income. Then starts to get really flirty. Texting me while in bathtub, sends me pictures of her legs in tub. Texts me 5 or 6 times a day, first thing in morning and all day. Starts to talk about her investment portfolio. All her stocks. Then asking me about mine, what stocks what value. Digging deeper and deeper. Starts to talk about cryptocurrencies. Sends me all kinds of graphs which I can't see because they're too small. She wants to teach me how to trade in cryptocurrencys. Tells me I can use her account. She just made $2400 we can trade and pay for airfares to meet. Gets upset when I say I don't want to trade with her. I can just see it now, we make a few bucks then a big loss and she will need me to cover the loss. When she realizes this sucker got off the line and she didn't hook me no more contact. The only thing this loves is money and herself, but money come first with her.Quite the scam.



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