Female Scammer Joy Gareth

Joy Gareth

Female Scammer Joy Gareth

E-mail: joygareth009@gmail.com

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First Name: Joy
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 24
Birth Date:

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-----Original Message-----
From: Renata Criswell Sturlic renac2@outlook.com
Sent: Sun, Oct 21, 2018 9:43 pm
Subject: My dear friend, I shall need your complete information... renac2@outlook.com
My dear friend.
Thanks for your mail which was well understood. Firstly, I want to assured you that everything is going to work out accordingly without any problem in the future, meanwhile, every arrangement to insure safe delivery of the cash box to you in your place through a reliable security and delivery company without any form of problem when you finally receive the consignment box, once again I want you to understand that I did not disclose entire deal to the company for a security reasons. As a woman I really wish to be your partner and also promised to reward you accordingly for your acceptance to help me in securing this money and to maintain confidentiality attached to this business as this is my only hope for investment when i retired from the Army. Like I told you, I am a serving officer in the military and after this business we are going to create an everlasting family relationship, and you will not regret for being part of this project but I pray that God will give you the heart and mind to truly help me without cheating me. Once again, this business is highly secured and risk free if only you will follow my instruction every thing will go smoothly and Please try and keep this matter within yourself alone and never disclose it to anyone.
Every arrangement towards this project is between me and you alone and on no account should you disclose it even to the staffs of the delivery company (rapid despatch courier service) also remember that the box consignment was registered to the company as a diplomatic package containing diplomatic materials. For us to finalize every arrangements, kindly send your personal details to me so that I can submit it to the security company to enable them proceed further for the final delivery of the box to your choice of destination/country/address. Please send your information so that i will furnish you on the procedures to follow.
Names:_______________________Address_________________passport______________Phone_________________ Occupation___________________Age___________________________Airport______________ Country_______________Profession _______________ Once you receive the money i will let you know my plans to come over to meet you face to face and we shall discuss and decide on how and where to invest the money. alternatively, when i come over then i will handle the depositing of the money in the bank by myself.
I await your immediate response
Love and care from,
Best regards.
Sergeant Renata Criswell Sturlic.
US Army
-----Original Message-----
From: Renata Criswell Sturlic renac2@outlook.com
Sent: Tue, Oct 30, 2018 9:51 pm
Subject: My dear, you have to contact them : company inforapiddispatchcompanyservice@post.com on the behalf of renac2@outlook.com, renatacrw@gmail.com Dearest One,
Thanks for your details. We can now proceed, I have submitted your details to the delivery company and i believe as they promised they will get to you as soon as possible to let you know about their further arrangements and the delivery date.
Like I told you earlier, they will tag the box as diplomatic package containing diplomatic materials and it will be deliver to you by your address as i have already handed over the box to them through their accredited agent here in Somalia, but they said that all packages departing from London (UK) must go through their UK regional head office in London before departing to any where in the world. I really want us to conclude this business as soon as possible so that you can receive the package within 2 or 3 days after departure, so i want you to officially contact the security company through their contact information now for proper identification. Do not let the company know the content of this box, i repeat, please do not let the company know the content of the box. Below are their contact details...
Rapid Despatch
Mr. Owen Horan
Southampton Hants, SO17 3SD
Though i have already forwarded your personal data to the company but I will advice you to contact them as well either through email, the secret code number of the box is 09070. Please take note, the deliver officer might ask for the code number of the box, but please you must not tell him the code, in case he ask just tell him its a secret between you and i, his duty is to deliver the box to you and not to know the contents of the box, you can use the code to open the briefcase whenever you receive it, is only you and i knows it as code, please do keep it to yourself. Like I said before I have decided to compensate you with 30% of the total money once you received it, while the rest balance shall be for my investment capital with you. Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation, I hope to have smile with you soon as i am counting on your honesty, i might not be free to follow the activities of the company, so i want you to stand on my behalf and take this matter as yours till the box is delivered to you. Kindly fill the mail below with your details and send it to the company.
Rapid Despatch
Dear Mr. Owen Horan
My name is Mr ..........
address ............
passport copy ............
phone ...........
airport .... .........
I am sending this email on behalf of Sgt. Renata Criswell Sturlic regarding the package she directed to the Rapid Despatch Courier and Security Service which will be send to me. She told me that she has already emailed my personal information to the company, but if you still need more information, do not hesitate to ask me anything that will help in receiving the consignment box successfully, however to complete the process i was told that you will need to confirm that i am the right person which was the reason why she requested that i should officially contact your company for proper identification and update.
I will be waiting for your urgent response,
....... NB - Her email address is : renatacrw@gmail.com You can also reach her with the above email address for clarification. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Best regards.
Sergeant Renata Criswell Sturlic
US Army



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