Female Scammer Scott Nadheem

Scott Nadheem

Female Scammer Scott Nadheem

E-mail: sharon_robertnelsonscott@outlook.com
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First Name: Scott
Location [Address]:
Age: 29
Birth Date: 19/5/1985

Scott Nadheem

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Scott Nadheem

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Hello my good friend,

How are you doing, hope you are fine ? I am sending you my working Identity Card as the account manager in Orabank.

Thank you for making out your time to give me a positively responding. More so, according to the customary banking law in Togo if a bank customer die after 3 months any of his relative can write to the bank for the claiming of the money if aprove by the deceased account manager the bank will proceed to release the fund. It is on this wise that is why I contacted you, since you bear the same surname with my late customber and it can be easy for you to make this claim with my support but you must keep this secret between us to avoid my bank knowing that I give you information. Having understand the process of this claim, here under is what we stand to benefit in this claim. If you have any question regarding this transaction feel free to ask me the question. You can reach me through my mobile number at

please do not call me during working hours, if possible I prefer you call me during the weekends like Saturday / Sunday when I am out of the office to avoid anyone hearing our conversation or call any day from 6: pm to 9: pm.

For me to have full trust in you and believed you will not betray me if the bank release the money to you, I need to have your contact details below :

1, Your full names....................

2, Contact Address..................

3, Phone number....................

4, Age...............

5, Your Country..................

6, Occupation...................

7, Marital Status.....................

The above information is very important to me and it will give me full confident that you will not betray me if the money comes to your account. Tell me more about yourself and your country in area of business oportunity and investment. I pray that God will guide us to complete this task. Help me pray that I will find a good man who will love me the way I will love him because I really need a man to spend the rest of my life with, I need a man who will handle my own money in a profitable business in his country. All you need do is to adhere to my instructions and all will be fine. Thanks for the understanding.

My regards to you & family

Mrs. Sharon Scott



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