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Female Scammer Evgenia Zaytseva

Evgenia Zaytseva

Female Scammer Evgenia Zaytseva


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First Name: Evgenia
Location [Address]: Russia, Morki, Sovetskaya str. Morki (Russia)
Age: 31
Birth Date:
Aliases: Eugenia, Eugenija, Eugenya, Ev

Reports :


I have heard of these sites that expose Russian scams. So I searched for a couple girls that I have written to and found this here. After reading what the other gentleman had written and what her letters said to him I realize I was scammed too. She wrote the same exact letters to me. I only sent a small sum of money to get just a few more letters to test Olesya. She never answered my specific questions, but always said I was the man of her dreams. I even used another of my email addresses to write her and used a fake identity of myself. She wrote back saying the exact things once again. However I had received different photos than the previous person that exposed her did. I asked her to send a photo with my name on a piece of paper and that's the last time I heard from her. Be careful I wish this person could be arrested. It's probably not even the girl in the photo either.



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