Female Scammer Esther Twum

Esther Twum

Female Scammer Esther Twum

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First Name: Esther
Location [Address]: p. o. box NM 3, Accra, Ghana, Accra (Ghana)
Age: 35
Birth Date:
Aliases: Ester

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I've been corresponding with a 19 year old lady named Olesya Korgan. I believe that she may be scamming me. She said that a place called the internet cafe translates her email from Russian into English and my emails from English into Russian. She said that the internet cafe charges for this and she said that she couldn't afford it because she's a student and doesn't work. She said that we could send unlimited letters each month for $98.99. She asked me to send her the money. Last month I sent her money but a couple of things made me suspicious. First, she said that I was the man of her dreams. She hadn't yet seen my photo. Surely a person can't tell if someone is the man of their dreams without at least looking at him. The other thing that made me suspicious was when she said that she took a taxi to the internet cafe. Taxis are expensive. If she has no money, how can she drive around in taxis. Yesterday I became incredibly suspicious. I called the better business bureau and they said that they were almost positive that the internet cafe doesn't translate letters. I then went online and read something a man wrote. He said that a lady scammed him. He said that she also said that they could write unlimited letters per month for about $100.00. I looked at the girl's photo. It's not the same one I've been writing to. I'm not 100 percent sure that I'm being scammed but I am very suspicious. If she is pulling a scam, she's probably doing it with more men than just me. I met her on Match doctor but I went to match doctor yesterday and I entered in her screen name. Her ad and photo are now gone. Her screen name was ryouthere. I'd really appreciate it if you could look into this.



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