Female Scammer Cheryl Wiggins

Cheryl Wiggins

Female Scammer Cheryl Wiggins

E-mail: spinningwhegiddy@yahoo.com

Scam Danger: 


First Name: Cheryl
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 35
Birth Date:
Aliases: Cher

Reports :


This one is tricky and VERY DANGEROUS. I have been talking to her for over 6 months try to arrange her to fly here. She first claimed to be living in San Fran Ca. then she all of a sudden flew to Philippines. I have been scammed before so this time I demanded to see her on web cam it seemed real but now I know it was a video stream she stole from the webcams.com site. She would only ask for 200.00-300.00 at a time so I was not very suspicious. As it got down to the last days she sent me a nasty email then I knew she was delaying again just like all the other three times. She is tricky and uses a web cam so guys be careful of anyone using a cam it could be a pre-recorded video just to try to fool you.



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