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Money Mulling Scams

Scammers have wiped off billion of dollars from the corporate sectors and also from individuals. Unconfirmed estimates and statistics reveal startling information that insurance companies have lost billions of dollars to the scammers in the past and trying their level best to arrest these types of scams. Scammers operate either individually or in groups and swindle the money of the commoners. These days hundreds of scams are taking place in online websites and the individuals those who make financial transactions using login password should show maximum caution. Scammers advertise fraudulent schemes and put maximum pressure on the public to invest their money in these imaginary schemes. When the public invest their money in these fraudulent schemes the scammers will disappear into thin air with the money.

Money muling

Latest scams which are becoming highly popular throughout the world are money mulling. Unemployed or underemployed youths should never reciprocate to phishing mails received from the scammers. The intermediaries those who are involved seriously in scams related to money mule will try to extract money from the innocent people and transfer it to the scamming world after retaining few dollars for their personal expenses. Citizens those who get job offer mails from the foreign countries should never reply and if they are planning to reply to these types of mails they have to do background verification check before interacting with them. If they sense any malpractice, the mail recipients should immediately report the same to the authorities concerned. Public can save their money when they follow the following tips:
  • Whenever there is any mail with respect to unsolicited job offers or from the recruitment firms offering jobs perform background verification check.
  • Mails that are sent by the scammers will be colorful and will look official with logos. But there will be lots of grammatical errors in the contents.
  • Never share any personal information or financial matters to the third parties
  • Escalate these types of crimes or scams to the police or government authorities

Money trasfer agent scam

Transferring money through proper channels is a very easy process but recovering from the scammers is impossible since they will run away with the money immediately. Statistics also reveal a fact that majority of the people do not have any idea about scams related to money mule or recruitment scams. People those who use internet regularly should read the scams related articles regularly since they will get maximum information about them. Ignorance is very dangerous and the scammers often target only the people those who are innocent and ignorant. Companies or intermediaries those who are offering jobs should be registered identities. So, the people those who receive employment mails should thoroughly examine the credentials of the companies those who are offering jobs. It is imperative to note that mule approaches are made by strangers and many do not understand the seriousness of becoming mule. Scammers resort to phishing mails and only when it fails they try some other tactics. Never fall prey to the words of scammers and think wisely before depositing money to these hooligans.
Money scam

Money scam through Internet

Recruitment scams

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