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Prime Bank Scams

Different types of scams that are hitting the headlines daily put the public into maximum hardship, greatest fear and panic. Customers those who are sharing their confidential information on the websites are worried about their safety and security since these scammers cleverly loot their money through various methods.
These guys those who are operating from the unknown destinations and with different names plot everything in advance and target not only on the rich people but also the commoners those who are suffering financially. The scammers disguise themselves as salesman, marketing executives and managers and enter the house of the commoners only to swindle their hard earned money without their knowledge.
Scams related to prime bank guarantee is an interesting topic in the world of scamming which is worth exploring and writing. In this peculiar scam the scammer will instigate interest in the minds of the target group to invest their hard earned money in several "bank guarantee funds" that offers extraordinary interest which may vary from 30% to 200%. They will also mention that this is a risk free investment and the money will be very safe in the hands of the banks.They send this mail only with an intention to swindle their money and not for investing in any funds since there is nothing called as prime bank investment fund. The innocent people with a great expectation will deposit several hundred dollars that is called for by the fraudster who is operating from the other end of the world. When the scammers receive the money they will run away with the money and he will never be seen in the picture in the later stage.
The letters, mails, phones and other spectacular methods that are adopted by the scammers will be extremely official and error free. When someone replies to their mail they will build maximum pressure on the mail recipient to invest their money in the government sponsored funds which in reality never exists.
If the commoner deposits the money the scammer will swindle it immediately. The letters or mails will have sophisticated and complex sentences and also look extremely legitimate. The mailers will request you to invest the money in government sponsored debentures, shares and other portfolios which in reality never exist. Scammers will also send hundreds of mails and inform the audience to invest in prime bank trading program funds which in reality never exist. If the innocent person deposits the money they will swindle it quickly.General public should never interact with these types of scammers those who are sending mails with the sole intention of siphoning off their money.

The below mentioned guidelines will be of great help to the public:

  • Since there is no such think called prime bank guarantee funds the individuals those who receive these types of mails can instantly delete it.
  • Never reply or encourage them by replying to their mails.
  • Cross check with others whether they are also receiving this type of scamming mails.
  • Never share your personal, financial, credit card and bank related information to the third parties or aliens.
  • Escalate this matter to cyber patrolling experts or police.

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