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Procurement Scams

Scamming activities are taking place briskly on several websites and the scammers are using wonderful tactics and tricks to swindle the common man's money. Scamming list is quite exhaustive and will run into several pages. Businesses and corporate houses are receiving hundreds of spam mails in their folders and plenty of them even open these spam folders and view the contents. They even go further and reply to the mails sent by the scammers and end-up losing their hard earned money to the scamming world. Recent scams related to procurement keeps the corporate houses and the authorities' fingers crossed and tizzy.

Procurement Scams
Procurment scam

The scammers will pose themselves as officials of UNIDO and send nicely worded mails which will read like this "We would like to you please get back to us with the cost of below ? Cleaning roller 200 images with ID no so and so". These carefully worded mails will look extremely official and will be free of all grammatical errors. The procurement houses which are seriously involved in their business will believe these mails and deposit the money immediately. After depositing the money they will not get any communication or mails from the concerned person. Only at that point of time the corporate houses will understand that they are fooled by the scamming world.

Procurement scams involve deceptive practices related to the acquisition of goods or services. Scammers may impersonate legitimate suppliers or create fake procurement opportunities to defraud businesses or individuals. Common tactics include fake invoices, impersonation of reputable suppliers, and phishing emails to extract sensitive information. These scams exploit the procurement process, leading to financial losses and compromised data. To protect against procurement scams, businesses and individuals should verify the legitimacy of suppliers, scrutinize invoices, implement secure communication channels, and educate employees about potential threats. Vigilance and awareness are crucial in preventing falling victim to deceptive procurement practices.

Procurment scam

Scams related to jobs from procurement houses are also making rounds. Plenty of job seekers and individuals are also receiving mails bogus procurement houses promising full time and part time jobs. The scamming expert will pose himself as procurement and trading company and will send a professionally written mail which will read like this "We M/s-----one of the leading procurement houses based at so and so are offering full time and part time procurement jobs on contract basis and those who are interested may deposit the amount to ----a/c no.----".
If you are receiving these types of mails from the scamming world decide to do some professional spade work before replying to the mail. You should follow the below guidelines before taking decision to reply:
Procurment scam alert

  • Never reply to these types of mails since it might be from the scamming world.
  • Check whether the mailer is an honest person or not and also find whether these types of companies do exist in the specified place.
  • If the person who mailed you makes a call to your number just disconnect the call and note down his telephone number immediately.
  • If he is making call once again talk to him confidently without fear and extract information about him and never provide your financial details or banking details to him.
  • He may at times threaten you and try to extract certain information. Never part your password or other such particulars him.
  • Report these types of spamming activities to the authorities concerned.
Many scams related to purchase manager jobs are becoming famous and the people those who receive mails from these types of fraudsters should be careful while replying. They will trick you by offering imaginary salaries and perks. Scams related to online and dot procurement scams are also becoming very popular. Summing up, try to show maximum caution while replying to these types of mails.
Procurment and purchasing fraud and scam

Procurment fraud

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