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PayPal Stripe Payment Scam

How PayPal account holders are tricked?

Netizens should exercise caution while sharing their personal and sensitive information with third parties. The latest scam that has to send shivers down the spine of PayPal users is stripe payment. The scammers sitting in the far corners of the earth silently shoot hundreds of emails requesting the PayPal users to click the link and share the passwords. If PayPal users accidentally open the link and share the password, the scammers will loot and run away with the money. It is worth noting that the user id and password shared with you at the time of opening the PayPal account is sensitive data. You must memorize the password and write it in the notebook and preserve it safely inside your cupboard.


If you accidentally save and store your PayPal user id and password inside your PC and laptop the hackers will break open your documents and steal the password in a wink of time. Scammers are always in the lookout for stealing PayPal user's password since transactions worth millions of dollars takes place on this reputed online payment gateway channel. Once scammers hack the PayPal user's computer and steal the passwords, they will quickly sign in to the PayPal website and siphon off their money in minutes. You cannot track IP addresses or the whereabouts of scammers since they operate illegitimately from unknown lands. The latest scam that has come as a big blow to PayPal is the stripe payment scam. PayPal users who have digital payment apps like stripe app, cash app, Venmo, square cash, and Zelle should never share their PayPal user id, password, and credit/debit card details with third parties.


Stripe digital payment app continuously monitors the activities that take place between the sender and receiver of money. It is built using cutting-edge technology and comes with a user-friendly online digital payment mechanism. You can complain about the Stripe app when you lose your money while transferring or receiving it through this app. But a stripe app user cannot complain and recover the loss when they lose their hard-earned money to scammers. If you are planning to download the stripe app from the play store, you should explore the terms and conditions framed by this company before registering in it.

How do scammers intelligently trick the PayPal members?

Scammers disguise themselves as support executives working in the Stripe app and start sending emails to you. The emails which you receive in the inbox will look professional in the first instance. When you explore the contents, you will find plenty of grammatical and sentence formation errors. The scammers will use Dear, Dearest, Sweetheart? while addressing the recipients. Note that formal letters will never start with dear or dearest and start with Mr., Sir, Madam, or Hey. If you receive such emails, you should take measures to register a complaint with cyber cell and PayPal.

PayPal never sends emails to the members requesting them to submit their passwords, CVV, credit card, and debit card details since it follows the highest business standards or ethics. You may receive an email containing words like "Stripe has noticed unusual activities in your account recently and requests you to validate your password for security purposes. You can also change your password after logging in and protect your account from cyberattacks". "Congratulations, you have won prize money of $15000, and for claiming the amount, we request you to pay a processing fee of $6 through Stripe to enable us to transfer the prize money. Click the given link and make the payment immediately. If you open the link and submit your password, you will lose the amount kept safely inside the PayPal account immediately to scammers.


"Your account has been temporarily suspended since we observe that no transactions happened in the recent days. You can reopen your account by paying a penalty fee of $2. Click here to make the payment. If you click the link and feed your password in the given box, the scammers will sign into your PayPal account and siphon off the money.

How to protect your Stripe account from hackers?

Scammers target innocent PayPal users who have no or limited knowledge of internet technologies. Beware of stripe app scams that have to send a shiver down the spines of PayPal users. You can protect your stripe and PayPal account from hackers and scammers when you follow the steps listed below.

  • Never open the links and share the password.
  • Verify the credentials and source of the sender.
  • Check whether the website has HTTPS and SSL encrypted sites.
  • Update your mobile software and use fingerprint passwords.
  • Never reply to scammers or chat with them.
  • Never share your Credit and Debit details with third persons.


Where to report such scams?

NGOs, small-scale business organizations and corporate firms are using the stripe app and making online payments through it. Stripe is one of the reliable mobile payment companies that have thousands of active members. The scammers lure the PayPal users in various ways and siphon off their money without signs and signals. PayPal users can file a complaint with cybersecurity cell, PayPal, and Stripe if they have lost money to scammers. PayPal and Stripe never compensate if the account holders lose their money to scammers. You should register a complaint with the cybersecurity force and also with PayPal and wait for the resolution.There are lots of trusted organizations that professionally handle cyber scams.


The PayPal users can forward their complaints to the following government organizations:

  • The FBI
  • IC3
  • The USA government
  • The Justice
  • The National Cyber Crime


The USA Government never leaves a stone unturned when it comes to scamming-related activities. Cyber Crime Division which handles complaints related to scamming has arrested operating from various countries and booked the culprits under various laws. PayPal users who have lost money to scammers should never show leniency towards them and bring them under books. You should use SSL encrypted online websites for transferring money to others.

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