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Modeling Scam Fighters and Resources

Modeling scam agencies prey upon user's hopes and dreams of becoming a successful modeling star, betting their lack of knowledge about how the modeling industry works.

Models who scam others and unethical, unprofessional models. Check references of models before you work with them, and make sure that they have invested time and money into a professional modeling portfolio and modeling composite cards before you consider them for any modeling job. Models who invest in their careers are more likely to be professional models, regardless of if they obtain work through a modeling agency or on their own. Also, look at who the models are associated with. If the model is associated with an unethical, unprofessional party, they cannot be trusted.

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Websites fighting against Modeling Scam:

1.Consumer Information
You need time to check out a company before you give them any money or personal information. If an offer is good today, it should be good tomorrow.

2. Consumer Complaints emphasizes modeling scams in the United States, but very similar if not identical schemes are found in Canada, the UK, Australia, other English-speaking countries, as well as virtually every other country that has models.

3. The Model Alience
Unfortunately, young and aspiring models are often the targets of modeling scams that are potentially dangerous. To avoid a scam, it is essential that you do your due diligence before engaging with anyone who expresses interest in working with you as a model. Below, we have outlined warning signs of potential scams.

4. Scam Busters
Today we'll focus on modeling agencies and talent scout scams. We've also included some other Snippets for you, including the latest info on the Do Not Call Registry, an excellent new article on phishing scams, and a website for UK subscribers.

5. Acting and Modeling Scam
Breaking into the acting or modeling business is hard enough without dodging slick-talking talent scouts who are more interested in your money than helping you or your child find work. Understanding how the entertainment industry operates is the first step toward finding a legitimate talent agent who may help propel you or your child to stardom.

6. Avoiding Scam
Scams have been a part of this industry for as long as anyone can remember. Although the "dance" may change, the "song" remains the same. It would be impossible to describe or list every questionable, unprofessional scam out there waiting. At the conclusion of this article, we will provide links to various other resource websites to get you started. In the mean time, consider this list of questionable kid actor businesses

7. Model Scams
Dreams Agency describe themselves as 'the UK's leading promotional modelling agency'. Their homepage showcases female models at the top banner underneath the headings 'Modelling', 'Grid Girls' and 'Promotional Staff'. They seem to mainly geared towards female models, but do also take male models onto their books. Dreams Agency seem very much more vocal about how attractive their staff are (as they repeat the word several times throughout their website), and how this fact will help businesses to promote their companies and brands.

8. Acting and Modeling Scam
An example of a modeling scam is when an agency claims to have work but really what they are doing is trying to sell photoshoots and modeling courses to aspiring models. A legitimate agency should only make profit from agency commissions.

9. Smart Consumer
No modeling or acting job is ever guaranteed. Depending on where you live, the market for those types of jobs may be very small. Connecticut is not Hollywood or Manhattan.

10. Modeling and talent
Modeling ranks among the most glamorous careers. Not surprisingly, it is also one of the most difficult to break into. Adding to this burden are unscrupulous agents, scouts and managers who earn their living by cashing in on the dreams of aspiring models. Even when represented by legitimate agents or managers, it is often difficult for inexperienced models to support themselves on modeling alone.