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Work At Home Scam

If you received an e-mail like as below, it's probably a scammers mail. DON'T try to reply, do not believe it and sometimes it might be fun to read.

100% Scam Free - Work at Home

Dear Friends,
I hope you are doing well in whatever you are in right now.
However, if you have enough time,then here is a once in a lifetime information and a 100% genuine to
make money.
* This idea has nothing to do with selling.
* This does not involve promoting.
* You will never have to recruit anyone.
* Not a data entry type or filling survey.
$400.00 per hour, $7,400 Per Week or everyone can still earn as much as they want, whenever they want. There's no hard work and Without Any Investment.
An unbelievably simple idea - so easy,so fun and simple. There is absolutely nothing complicated about it.
If 1nterested, PLEASE CL1CK HERE to continue and for more 1nfo.
Thank you and Regards,
Mildred Lopez
JoinHand Promotion Team
This e-mail was sent to you because you subscribed to at least one of our mailing_lists. If you feel that I've breached your privacy or at any time you would like to rem0ve yourself from our mailing_list, please feel 'free to do so by sending an E-mail with "Rem0ve" as the subject to and I will honor your "0pt 0ut" requests, rem0ved your email address personally and immediately from my emailist.
Thank you.

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