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Telemarketing Scam

Telemarketing scammers use computers, fax machines and telephones as tools for their trade to scam the consumers and deceive them.

Not all telemarketers are scammers. Many genuine companies sell their products or services through telemarketing. Even charities use this to help out the needy people. But unfortunately, the scammers use telemarketing as a weapon to rob the people.

Tips to avoid telemarketing scams:

  1. Check the authentication of the company or charity calling you, with the state or local consumer agency or Better Business Bureau.
  2. Don't agree to buy anything until you have time to review about the offer and decide whether it is good for you.
  3. Don't believe the caller who refuses to give you time to decide about taking the offer.
  4. If the caller pretends to be from companies you already do business with and asks your personal details for verification, confirm it by contacting the company directly before giving information.
  5. Never pay for "free prize", even if they say that the payment is for taxes.
  6. Do not trust the caller who refuses to mail you or give written information about the offer or charity.
  7. Don't send money or disclose your banking information such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers and expiration dates to unknown persons.
  8. Register with the Do Not Call Registry if you don't wish to receive telemarketing calls.
  9. Never pay in advance for any products or services. Pay only after they are delivered.
If you suspect that the call you get is fraudulent, report scam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and to your State Attorney General, providing the telemarketer's name, phone number and date and time of the call which will help them to investigate the scammers.