Male Scammer Thomas Watson

Scammer Thomas Watson

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First Name: Thomas
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He falls in love with you asks you to check his bank account for deposits so you think he has money Sends a lot of emails and calls to cement himself in. Says he is from Norway and is a civil engineer.Has lots of fake documents and pictures and fake Australia passport and contracts from companies saying he has jobs with them. I was being set up for something not quite sure what yet, because got out before the set up when I finally realized the boat, car and job site pictures were all forged and the site for the banking info is a scam seems to be part of a big operation. He thought he had hid his tracks well. But found them. Please be careful he wants something and if I had to guess it is money I was being set up for. Also said said he is a widow and wife died of Leukemia and used to live in Connecticut and then moved to Palm Beach Florida. No proof of property in Florida and no death records of wife. Facebook site that says he works for a construction company in LA that no one answers the phone. While he is telling me he is a civil engineer doing a job for Shell in Canada, also a lie the site pictures sent are from a company in Africa. Have lots of proof. Picture of his car is Australia, picture of boat is suppose to be Florida hills and mountains in background no such think in Florida. Will send letters separate. He said he was going to take me to Norway for Christmas and retire so we could be together. He said he was 60.



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