Male Scammer Parker Johnny-Parker

Scammer Parker Johnny-Parker

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First Name: Parker
Location [Address]:
Age: 31

Parker Johnny-Parker

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This is major identity fraud!!!
This person claims to be a Land Management Consultant who travels the world. He is supposedly American but has lived in Russia for sometime.
He claimed initially to be in Berlin on a business trip, which is how I met him on Tinder.
He then left Berlin for North Carolina. The correspondence became very intense on his side, suggesting that he had already fallen in love with me within 1 week. Then the phone calls started, but I questioned his accent, which sounded very African. He laughed it off.
He then advised that he was travelling to Dubai on a business trip. When I prompted him for photos to prove that he was actually in Dubai, I got pictures of him with sheiks.
He had also advised that he bought property in Accra Ghana and that he required me to make a down payment. When I refused he got very angry and threatened to dump me.
He told me that he was planning a future trip to Berlin and that he would refuse to see me if I didn't pay any money.
When I pushed for a date for us to meet in Berlin, the communication stopped.



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