Male Scammer Olivier Macron

Scammer Olivier Macron

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First Name: Olivier
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Age: 40

Olivier Macron

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Olivier Macron

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Fake French guy, Olivier Macron still poses as In short I have been in an online relationship with this man for the past 8 months, and he cost me more than 70,000 USD. Encountered the guy on Tinder in August 2021.
Soon, we began chatting on WhatsApp instead. He was supposedly a divorced French guy with a young daughter.
Living in Pais, France.
Very gorgeous and sympathetic and nearly too good to be true and so he was! Was supposed to be a mining engineer who had to finish a mining project in South Africa which had been put on hold due to COVID.
After his arrival to South Africa everything seemed to go wrong and my account was soon emptied. In January 2022, I began investigating him on my own, as I became more and more suspicious about him.
I also filed a report on him to the Danish police. Recently, with the help of a Danish newspaper, I found out that he had been using the photos of online marketing tycoon Ray Hidgon.
He had even used the photos of Ray’s mom and daughter as well! I even found photos on Ray Hidgon’s Facebook identical to photos sent to me! He also used Ray’s face, when Skyping with me.
He even has a Facebook profile with same name and Ray’s photos, but with another life! THIS MAN SHOULD BE STOPPED - NOW



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