Male Scammer Marcus Fults-Lawson

Scammer Marcus Fults-Lawson

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First Name: Marcus
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E-mail address leads to Nigerian scammer. His messages to me: Hi good afternoon, How are you doing now? How are you? I am much happy to read from you, i hope you are fine i am writing from here Memphis, Tennessee, USA. You look beautiful and lovely i will like to get know more about you and we gets to know each other which country are you from and where is your city i wish you a very happy day ahead.hello how are you? Good afternoon and how are you doing today? i hope you are also fine i am not in Germany now anymore and i am not from Germany,,,i was heading my office in Frankfurt but i could not cope and i have to return back to Memphis here,,i am used to United States and the people.i am happy to know more about you and where you are from, i have never been to Your country but i will be happy to be there in your country. That is if you will invite me i work as an industrial equipment supplier and installer for drilling and mining firms and you? What work do you also do? i am single now,,since 2007 and i stays all alone and you ,i will wait to read from you and more about yourself.Hello happy Saturday and happy weekend in general i am glad you wrote to me wow ,you are now resting after so many years of work and endeavors. and do you have any kids and any form of extended family? i live here in Memphis have you been to USA here before? i will wish we will communicate further and more in what year did you came to USA here? how are you doing now?How are you doing now? i am just back home from work now the time here right now in my country is 10pm how was your day? i am not always here online dear, my work is very busy type and at many times i can not be here online here on the site, we can connect and talk more all day through the gmail hang out chat, here is my email address and we can chat through the means dear,



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