Male Scammer Kurt John Schneider

Scammer Kurt John Schneider

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First Name: Kurt John
Location [Address]: unknown Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Age: 67
Aka: unknown
Aliases: Johnn
Phone: 4242395598

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Scam Report

He says ge works for Equinior i Stavanger in Norway. Ge got stocked in Nigeria and need money to get back. The third photo, he used at Whats app in the same time he had an other phone number to me. The fourth photo he started to use at Facebook in the end of 2019. As i know, he is blokked there, but are activ on Instagram and probably at Tinders too. Nr 5, there is an connection. Name Siji Brown Chidinma and Ander/Asbjørn Brown Hansen. And there us an connection with them and Divine Favour, both in Nigeria and a bank in Norway!!!!! The leader of Divine Favour here in Norway are also ""working"" in Nigeria.The leader are responsibel to budgjett and account, but he denied. I know that, that account was used. I think its strange with that connection. Anders/Asbjørn Brown Hansen and Siji Brown Chidinma ""shared"" a passport!!!!!! And as I can see one can soon see who the real owner is. The last photos are Anders/Asbjørn Brown Hansen with some stolen names for a couple of years ago. The last one, photos of both Siji Brown Chidinma and Anders/Asbjørn Brown Hansen



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