Male Scammer Kenneth Taylor

Scammer Kenneth Taylor

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First Name: Kenneth
Location [Address]: Missouriunknown Corder
Age: 61
Phone: 5038680836

Reports :

"My Love,
I hope you're doing great baby.. kindly try to stay good and happy always baby because I always want you to be happy.
The surgeons are around now and they're gonna commence the surgery in the next few hours. They said I'm gonna be having more treatments after the surgery and I'm gonna keep up with the treatment for about three weeks depending on the improvement of the treatment. And they also told me they're gonna be in charge of the food I'll be eating to support the fast healing. The payment for the treatment for this week will cost us $500 and which I gotta pay as soon as possible so they can make everything available after the surgery. The food payment costs $180 and I've payed that already from the remaining $200 of the money you sent yesterday.
You're forever my God's gift and I will spend the rest of my life making it up to your happiness.
You're the best I ever got baby.
I love you forever and always.
Your Kenneth Taylor."



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