Male Scammer Jimmy darren-hall

Scammer Jimmy darren-hall

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First Name: Jimmy
Location [Address]: Saltillo
Age: 55

Reports :

His project was going with no problems. He had made plans to come to me as soon as his project was finished. I was going to pick him up at the airport. At first he asked me to make him reservations in a nice hotel, then the next day he didn't want to be separated from me. Promised we would t sleep together and we flirted about that for a couple days. Then the night before I was going to see him something Halle ed to his project. His team of engineers messed him up.

They didn't preserve the chemicals correctly and they froze. He wa


s going to lose everything. He claimed he had invested all his money to fund that project and would get paid when he replaced the chemicals and finished the job. A couple more days passed he was getting very stressed. He claimed he didn't want to ask but could I loan him the money and he would pay me back as soon as I saw him. At first he needed 8,000.00, I didn't have it at first, he is very charming and persuasive talked about our future and how he wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Used ILlve You all the time. Expressed deep feelings almost immediately and continued throughout. I only had the 8000.



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