Male Scammer Huang B

Scammer Huang B

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First Name: Huang
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Age: 39

Huang B

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Huang B

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So back to the company some guy comes on you can barely understand him and tells you your money has arrived. Then he gives you some info about the delivery.thats it for now as the general is still buttering you up and telling you it is real and to listen to the Sercurities com. Then comes the next email or call that you know need to send7750 euros which is11440 us come on well I did get the monies and my bank warned me I fought with my bank to send they lied I got a call from the supervisor and she talked to me sent me websites etc until I finally said stop the wire.


Remember ladies once that wire or western union Pymt goes it is all over and gone. Thank god my bank had the brains when mine weren't working. As of know they are still contacting me and telling me everyone are liars to believe only them. I'm a bit destroyed by this but I am only out 1500.00 so this is a lesson learned and I will never forget it. Please be care listen to your intuition that is a gift from God if not ask your friends. Soldiers or real men don't ask women for money when they first meet. Be strong they'll get what's coming to them I pray.



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