Male Scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood

Scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood

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First Name: Harry
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 45
Aka: unknown
Aliases: Harrie
Phone: 2348027583636

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Scam Scenario

I stsrted talking with him on pof. He said he lived in Florence Italy. His father and daughter luve in Rome. He was a projects manager and was just awarded a contract in Malta which was worth 1.5 million. After a few minths he said he was going to Malta and sent me pictures of him at the Airport. Then after a couple of days he said he had tried to transfer some money from his bank in America but there was no reception so he asked if i could do it. He gave me the account but it would let me. He said he needed the money to pay fof the goods and if he did not pay the material would go into demmurage. Then he would be suid by the company he was in contract with. There was other things he wanted money for. Then he said his daughter had been in a hit and run accident and she was in a coma. Then after about 4 weeks he said she was out of the coma but needed an urgent operation on her leg that cost 7 000?uros and the insurance people will only pay 4000?. There are other people in with him a David Lumas in Manchester. A O Sherlock who is in italy who is supposed to be a shipping agent. and some women.



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