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First Name: HARRY
Location [Address]: Other e-mail: Phones: +447035942997 (UK) and +6029966144 (Malasya)

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He initiated the chat first, could not figure out where I had met him. Finally I found out that he got all my info from Google Hangouts. He is still sending me messages, trying to explain everything i call him on. Like contacting me with both names he uses, sending me letters that I can find on the internet and he says it is all from his heart.

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I am not from a very large family, in fact my family is one of the smallest family I have ever seen.I was born in Florida. My Father was from Birmingham, and my mother was from Florida. My parents always told me how they met, and how loving and beautiful I was when they had me. I was the only child of my parents.I am very grateful for the family I had from childhood, it is one of the most peaceful and stable family anyone could have ever had. The marriage of my parents was a very blessed and blissful one, and I hoped that my marriage would be as blissful and blessed as that of my late parents... I am not from a very large family, but my family is a good and friendly one. My dad was the most respectful, thoughtful, and understanding man I ever knew and I grew up to be just like him. He thought me how to respect and honour a woman, and he would always say that women are priceless and irreplaceable . I still can not forget my parents whom I lost some years ago. I lost my dad in the year some years ago, and after two years my mom who could no longer stay without my loving father also died. then I just could not sleep without hearing their sweet and innovative words. I really miss them so much and may their gentle and loving souls rest in perfect peace.My Father had only one brother whom we lost three years before I lost my dad he was the elder brother of my dad. I never got to know any uncles or relative because it was always my uncle back then in Birmingham and my mother happens to be an orphan.When I was very young I thought I could get married to a woman who was just like my mother, she was caring, loving, family oriented and above she believed that truthfulness was the best foundation of relation. My mother thought me never to build a relationship based on lies and deceits.Well this is all about my family and if there is anything you wish to know, please ask me and I will gladly answer you.I plan to deactivate my facebook account due to the nature of my job for security reasons but i really wish to keep in touch with you.Can i add you up on Skype.. Someone who will be very courages to take risk just to keep her relationship with me without being selfish or scared. A woman who will never ever give up on me no matter what the circumstance maybe.But that very special woman must be someone that is honest and trusted to me.One thing that i will never get myself entangled with is to see my woman hiding her feelings for me.



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