Male Scammer Godfred Lawson

Scammer Godfred Lawson

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First Name: Godfred
Location [Address]: 320 Valley St, Austinville, VA, USA Accra (Ghana)
Age: 57
Aka: unknown

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Scammer contacted me on Plentyoffish online dating site. We began emailing, exchanging instant messages, and talking on the phone. Scammer said he had fallen in love with me and would like to marry me. Soon afterwards, he called me asking me to send $1556.00 (2000 GBP) to the assisted living administrator where his mom was living so he could hire a band, pay for decorations, and food for her upcoming birthday party. He said he was on field training for the UN as a Peace Officer in Tel Aviv and had forgotten his PIN Sentry in the UK. Well, after his endless pleading, I sent $1556.67 to Mr. Ebi Davis at PayPal to pay for his mother's party. I later received another call on Jan. 4, 2013 saying his mother had to have hip surger and will need to undergo therapy soon afterwards. He said he will need approximate 450 GPB ($773.53 USD) to put with what he already had to pay for his mother's physical therapy. He said since we would be husband and wife, we need to be there for each other. Well, I sent him $773.53 by Money Gram on Jan. 19, 2013 since he said it will take too long for PayPal to change the currency and transmit. Kieran had been promising me since November 2012 to come on my birthday which is Jan. 23, and we would get engaged because he claimed to have purchased an engagement ring for me back in November. I heard from him the day after he claimed the Money Gram and he said he would call me back that evening but have not heard back from him since. I have tried calling several times but his phone always go to voicemail. I am so hurt and feel so stupid to have allowed myself to be taken advantage of in this way. I went on with good intentions seeking love and look what I got.



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