Male Scammer Drew Johnson

Scammer Drew Johnson

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He writes to you, looking to be friends and seeking a LTR starts off by writing to you in email, tells you all about himself, He is 46 a Sgt in the Army in the Wheel Division E6 Staff Sgt. and that he is returning in a few months to the states and looking to retire and relocate with the right guy. Within a few days of emails and texts he starts to tell you how he loves you and your the only one for him, and all he ever thinks about. Tells you how he wants to marry you and have a happy life together. Then all of a sudden he is sent on a mission to save a sheik and returns with a gunshot to his leg, tells you that if it wasn’t for you, he wouldn't be alive. Then also tells you how the Sheik and his family are so grateful for him saving him that he offers him a box of 45kg of gold. But being he is in the military he cannot handle money and items of value and so he wants to send it to you to hold for him until he comes back. He ask for your full name, address, email address, phone number, and says that he will register the package to your name and to work with the courier service. That same day received an email from a John M. Wright from Eleni Security and express delivery logistic Co. from email info@elenisecurity. Asks you to pay for the customs charges and he will pay you back once he gets back. He also likes to ask for ITunes gift cards saying that he is bored and likes to listen to love music thinking of you, as they cannot handle money. He will tell you that he cannot receive any mail, gift packages due to security reasons and also he can never talk to you on phone, video chat, etc due to security reasons.



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