Male Scammer Bryan Maccoy

Scammer Bryan Maccoy

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He messaged me and within a week asked to text and email to talk because the ok site was hard to talk on. He said he was in the military and stationed there for 3 yrs. He was looking for a potential wife and to start a family. Sounded innocent enough. He was an orphan with no friends or family for me to even talk too to get to know him. So, I thought ok that could be possible until He said he loved me within 2 weeks of talking to me. He also said he knew a way we could be together and he could leave the service if I sent $700 western union. And then they would let him out of the service. I did ask if he had any proof and he did not and got upset when i asked and said I didn't trust him. Then I asked for his mailing address overseas and he said he couldn't give me that either because of the terrorism taking place making it hard to get mail. He said I needed to trust him and that his love for me was real and that was the only way we could be together. He was afraid if he waited till his term was over i would find someone else or he may be killed. Thou, i felt for him I just couldn't get that feeling something wasn't right. And he text me every day and most military people are not able to contact their love ones every day same time. Which also raised some flags? I researched some scenarios and all the things he was telling was part of what was classified as a scam. So, i wasn't rude but said this wasn't for me and wished him the best. But I wanted to post just in case this happens to someone else.



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