Male Scammer Basten Charles Logan

Scammer Basten Charles Logan

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First Name: Basten Charles
Location [Address]: unknown Cape Town (South Africa); Johannesburg (South Africa)
Age: 45
Aka: Jack, Muchanyareyi Shridath Bunure, Felix Logan
Aliases: Charlie, Charlse
Phone: 2318463098

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Scam Report

This guy contacted me through Skype last week. He introduced himself as Mayas David a General working for UN peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan. He said he has been in Afghanistan for 7 months but will be going back to Florida next month. I asked him how he got my Skype account and he said he was looking for an old friend and came about my account. He also told me that it must be God's plan that we met and that he wants to be my friend. I said we could be friends.He said he is a widower for 3 years now and have a son named Alex, who he haven't seen for more that 7 months. He asked for a photo and he sent me one with his son. He started complimenting me saying I'm very pretty. Then he said he wants to do a video call, I saw him on the skype video for a bit he is wearing a green tshirt that looks like the a shirt that a soldier wears. So I thought maybe he is trustworthy. He then asked me if he can call me baby. Soon after he said he wants me to meet his son and wants me to email the son. Then he said he needs to be away from skype as he need to do some work, apparently his boys are in his office. Later that day he said his son is very excited to hear from me as he let him knows he met in future mom. He also mentioned that his son is now in a boarding school and he will really appreciate if I be friend him as his son only have him in his life now. So I emailed the son. The son replied and called me mom on his email he said he is very happy to have me and is looking forward to meet me soon. The son also mentioned that he is going to UK next week on a school trip but his dad have yet to provide him the travel details. The following day mentioned this to Mayas and he said his son is waiting for him to send him $550 but he can't send it at the moment. That was just a passing topic and it was never mentioned again. Then he proceed to woe me with sweet nothings. I continued for 2 more days then on Wednesday this week he did not come online on the usual time. Then in the afternoon while I was offline he started sending message that he misses me and he is worried why I am not on line. He said to just write him a message when I'm back. I did message him but he never replied until the following morning, Thursday. He was up very early, for Afghanistan time, so I asked him why is he awake early he said because he have missed me. He also said he is concern because his son kept on asking him about his trip and that he can send 550 from Afghanistan. I said maybe he can talk to the school and tell them he will pay once he is back next month. He said the school doesn't allow it. At this point I really became suspicious so I googled it and I found out that there are money transfer services available for soldier based in Afghanistan. So I told him I need to do something and needs to go away for 3 hours. I come about this page and saw his picture. I sent him an email in yahoo to tell him his IP address is showing to be in california then I blocked him in my yahoo and skype account. Later that day he created a new skype account and tried to add me back. I was supposed to ignore it but decided to play along and get more picture from him. I pretended something is wrong with my skype and not too sure why he was removed from my contacts. He explained that his laptop connects to US network as the afghanistan one is crappy that's why the IP address is in california. He said his personal office is actaully in california. The funny thing is that I gave him the yahoo IP address which is sunnyvale california and he did not correct it. Then I told him he needs to send more photos of himself. Which he did and upon close inspection I can see that the photos were photoshopped. Later that night I emailed him to say that I know it's a scam and he he is just wasting my time on me as he will never get anything from me. I told him not to contact me again.



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