Male Scammer Richard R Henderson

Scammer Richard R Henderson

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First Name: Richard R
Location [Address]: LondonLondon(England)
Age: 40
Aka: richard

Richard R Henderson

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Reports :

Letter 1
Hi...I have had a good relationship for several weeks from ...15 th of October to the 24 th of October with a man called Richard R, Henderson. I was asked a Friend request and added him on my Facebook Messenger. We grew to each other until he suddenly asked me for money for his daughters Medical Bills. I refused and told him I think he should pay them. I dont want to. He became a bit angry and told me he has a photo of me which he intends to show to all my friends on FB and the Media in New Zealand.....Australia and the punishment.
Also added that unlike me he loves me dearly and will be coming to Australia by ship in a couple of weeks. He will come to my house for me. I said you have no address and he says he does not need one... This man...Richard. R. Henderson had a profile page on which it states he is the owner of East Bluff Harbour at Penn Yan. He lives in London. The following is a copy of the statement he left on my Messenger this evening. Saturday 24 th of October....

From: Richard R Henderson
To: unknown

I will never cheat you because I love you, you can call names we start to forward all photos to all your friends on contact list. Before we put it in the Media in Australia, New Zealand and round world. Our ship is coming to Australia you will soon see me in your house I have your Numbers. I love you so very much Honey......I dont need your address.

The way I would describe Richard is appearing to be in control of a big organization...assertive.Controlling and capable. All this came across. Also by his own admission he was very Jealous and protective towards what he considered..." His own ". Nothing would stop him in his pursuit. That included me.
He was affectionate.But bossy. He stood 5 ft 10 inches so Im told .slim build and light brown curly hair. Pleasant face and wore glasses occasionally. He was a dedicated loving father toward his daughter Nikki. Being educated in Africa. She was 15 yrs old and I met her on Facebook one time. He definitely felt let down when I refused to send money...



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