Male Scammer Rank William

Scammer Rank William


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I am in so much pain that i need to post my story on your page i met this man call Tom Campbell on the dating site call badoo we have been talking on the site since march of this year until we become close friends and start talking on whatsup and then g mailing until he start asking for money from me telling me he did a contract in Italy and they have not paid him yet and it and he wants to transfer the money into my account and keep it for him and he will come here and marry me and live here so next thing i know in April an email come to me saying i need to pay $15.000 Euros for a probate for me to be the beneficiary of his funds i paid that stupid me and then they send another email to say i have to pay 25.000 Canadian for transfer fees i said i had no money he determine that i get the money i went to the bank refinance my mortgage and use the equity of my home got 45.000 Canadian and send 25.000 to Italy and the rest to some friend in Spain and on top of that he make go back to the bank and increase my loan to an additional 30.000 and send it to Spain i almost run mad i was going crazy i have all my wire transfer and western union receipts to prove it lots more to talk they even hack in to my Gmail and delete all their emails and photos too but i save some o my desktop.



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