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Male Scammer Peter Asama

Scammer Peter Asama


Scam Danger: 


First Name: Peter
Location [Address]: 50 Martyn St., Ashford NSW 2361, Australia Accra (Ghana)
Age: 53
Aka: Christopher James Alex
Aliases: Chris, Christo, Cristopher, Jamie
Phone: unknown

Reports :

Scamming scenario:
He contacted me on a dating website and immediately sent me a phone number then asking me to go to yahoo messenger. He fell in love quickly, said he was going to France and then Africa for three weeks on business. He was never familiar with local places, said he was from New Jersey but Face book said Oregon. He sent me three pictures, made financial promised, and then during the third week he had a major problem. He was offended when I assumed he wanted money to fix the issue of someone stealing 23000 from his account. He said the bank froze all accounts. The next night he was $800 short. He asked me for the money the night after being offended and then accused me of letting him downs. Grammar and spelling were horrible. Sent me two sets of flowers with notes and a teddy bear. I confronted him and told him I would go to police. Now he states he is going to local police when he gets home.



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