Male Scammer Martin mcfly

Scammer Martin mcfly


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First Name: Martin
Location [Address]:
Age: 50

Martin mcfly

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Martin mcfly

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someThis person that made an intrusion in my life from facebook, asked me to befriend him,so I did,Unknowing to me we did get a connection,so we kept talking, over the time of six to eight weeks, during that time he did ask me questions, my email savings my imcome address and mobile number,he told me he lived in america, and he was a American citizen,
He was under the name Martin mcfly,
Also alexander johnson, Also kelvin johnson,
& kelvin moore,
This person kelvin was the son of Mr mcfly so i was told , so I made a connection with him and we text quite a few times ,
So between Martin mcfly & kelvin,we built up a relationship together, He asked me to send him the product itune so I did at the value of ?60,then some weeks went by ,he told he was going to Germany for business, so he called me in Germany a few times, and we carried out a relationship in Germany,
Then on an occasion while in the place he was staying, he told me it was very expensive, and I said I can't do much about it,and we just carried on with the relationship, anyway one day he sent me a document of his son's school and the document had the value of $one thousand five hundred, and ask me if I could send the money through weston union, he persisted for quite a while day after day,
I told him I would never do that, and i said to him he was a scammer ,He denied this profusely, and said that I had to help him for his son, saying I was the mother of his son kelvin and I owed it to both of them, he told me his wife was killed in a car crash five years ago when his son was 10 years old,before he asked me for the money he acted as a real gentleman always so very nice to me, promised me marriage and a new life together ,He said he would come to England first and take me to america,
But of coruse when I refused to give him the money he turned from God to the devil, psychopathic evil specimen, I realized then what I, d been dealing with, I never met the man as I often asked him to camcord, he always made an excuse, he sent me photos of what he said was himself He had stolen I believe, someone else's I'D, I do believe I, m not the only women he has tryed this scamming,the date of our friendship sometime in August to October, anyway i blocked him because of his bad behavior,oh by the way he had a very distinctive accent, in the region of some what African,



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