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Male Scammer John Woodey

Scammer John Woodey


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I met this man call Feliks Nowak on a Dating Site call Zorpia/Too, and he lives in Aberdeen Scotland UK but at moment now he is in Russia working. He works for an Oil Offshore. This is what he wrote to me in my WhatsApp online/Dating Site: Hello ,I am happy to meet you here, I live in the Aberdeen Scotland , ,am here looking for a very serious relationship that that will lead to marriage, I decided to drop a note, you know that you can’t meet better friends if you don't speak with strangers. , I am willing to come and meet you if we get acquainted .if you don't mind I would like us to get to know each other . What is your WhatsApp chat cell phone number? Or your email address? For easy communication as I seldom visit here very often. Hello, Thank you so much for coming this far with me, I will love to know more about you and also get closer to you. I want you to know that am very serious about you and I want to concentrate and give you all my attention and see where we can go from here, I am willing to be your friend... I believe that friendship starts with an introduction, a relationship with a friendship and a union with a relationship. Just as it takes time to grow (from cradle to adult), same goes with a relationship. I just want to take time to know and learn more about the person that I am willing to share my feelings and thoughts with...Am not asking you out for a one night stand or short romance but I want to be able to make it last forever.



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