Male Scammer Joel Maxwell

Scammer Joel Maxwell


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First Name: Joel
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I was asked by Joel Maxwell to be added to my contacts. Which i did We spent a week communicating with each other. I told him i was in a long term relationship and could only be his friend. Not long after that i received no further messages from him. He told me he was on an Oil rigg nesr Bray Ireland. 2 months later he sends me a message saying how.sorry he is that he has not been in touch as the oil rigg was involved with armed robbers and he could not use his phone. The messages at first where general and then he began to say that he wished we could be more than friends and no one would get hurt. He tells me. He has a son in boarding school and wishes that i could be a mother to his son and he wants more than friendship. He starts to say how happy i make him feel and that i understand him. 10 days of messaging each other he tells me that its his sons 16th birthday and he needs to buy him presents. His bank account is tied up and would i send him a steam card..I said no straight away and he apologies if he has upset me. I ask him if he is a male scammer and he tells me no i am a god fearing man. I don’t expect to hear from you. That is the last i have heard from him.



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