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Male Scammer Jeffrey Wellinton

Scammer Jeffrey Wellinton


Scam Danger: 


First Name: Jeffrey
Location [Address]: NO.12 Warri Road, Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria
10 Asha Street, Ogharefe, Sapele, Nigeria
103 Dixie Trl., Raleigh, NC, USA Delta (Nigeria); Sapele (Nigeria)
Age: 48
Aka: Samson Kingsley, Robert Van Macaulay, Andrew William Scott, Chris William
Aliases: Andreaw, Andreev, Andrews, Bill, Billy, Bob, Jeff, Jeffi, Robbert, Robbie, Roberts, Scoot, Scot, Scotty, Williams, Willy
Phone: 2347060789318

Reports :

Scam Report:

I had met him on hi5 the mail friend him on FB he is a very charming man. Said all the right things to make you feel good. We spoke over FB for about 2 weeks. He says he in import and export business first it was oil then he said he had to fly to London with medical supplier. His time frame of went he landed and his message did not make Sense. He told me that the British customs wouldn't release his shipment because he didn't have enough money. He asked for 700.00. I simply told him my daughter needed surgery and asked if he would send me 2300 so she could get well. He said he would find a friend to loan him the monly. He also sent a pic of him in london, he is not smart because the photo showed him in a coat with snow. However when I checked the weather it was 64 on the day he was in London. Also his Fb pic is not the same as the pic. He had sent me. Scammer.



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