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Male Scammer Japhet David

Scammer Japhet David


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First Name: Japhet
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He contacted me and said he would want to chat with me but not via the dating site. he asked for me to give a different e-mail address, unfortunately I did. Then he started telling me I would be his wife. He also said he had a daughter by the name of Sophia with so happens to be my second name. He told me he was going through a divorce because his wife is an alcoholic and that she tried to sell off all his property. He then told me never to mention her again, As time went by he said I must send him pictures of my jewellery I design and make because for him to believe that I was creative I needed to show him. I started getting very suspicious and did not want to go on line when he kept buzzing me. Then all of a sudden he started telling me I was mad and that I must be talking to a lot of men because I am on the chat line until late. Never the less he started becoming threatening and abusive and I told him I was not prepared to continue having this so called friendship going any further he sent me a letter saying I must read it to prove he was no fake.



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