Male Scammer James Dickson

Scammer James Dickson


Scam Danger: 


First Name: James
Location [Address]: West Virginiaunknown Parkersburg
Age: 57

Reports :


Approached me on OK Cupid. Said he lived in Malibu California and is an architect / civil engineer. I live on the east coast. When I expressed concerns about the distance and my hesitance about communicating long distance, he assured me he was financially secure and that it was easy for him to travel at a moment's notice. Within a few days, said he accepted a contract to work in Istanbul, Turkey for 6 weeks and that continued email communication would not be a problem or concern. Within a few weeks, he emailed me that there was an onsite construction accident involving a damaged crane and that he needed to get a new crane ASAP so work could progress on schedule. He asked to borrow $50,000 from me. When I said I could not possibly get my hands on that amount of money, he suggested that I obtain a loan in that amount and send it to him right away. I instantly refused and he then suggested that I should reach out to MY FAMILY & FRIENDS to get that sum and send it to him. I again refused. As the weeks passed, he continued to ask me to obtain loans for him in the amount of $10,000 and $40,000 but each time I refused. People be very wary of being approached by this individual. I recently received an email from this person acknowledging that he was a scammer!



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