Male Scammer Gerald Wolford

Scammer Gerald Wolford

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I saw this guy with a photo and a lovely profile on zoosk dating site linked to facebook. As soon as I replied to him he gave me the email address to correspond. The following day I started receiving a long letter which I found strange to believe as it was too good to be true that a man was talking to me like that ; like a sweet angel we don't find in everyday life. So I thought I got the lottery. I'm so disgusted and upset not how he played me and with my feelings. He told me after one week he was going to UK for work and he will come back in Australia for 3 weeks where we can meet. As the emails went on they were more deep and I was falling in love with a guy I never met , never heard. I was crazy and still wouldn't believe in this wonderful thing happening to me which is love !!!! OMG finally I found on one of the link of the songs he dedicated me that it might be a scam and when I read an example of the letter from the male scammer I found exactly the same letters he wrote to me on your website. How upsetting this is as I really thought I found love and send my photos and videos to him. This is truly upsetting. Please WARN women about him. I started to doubt about him when I ask him to call me and he never did; neither did he when I ask him to Skype ! So I knew there was a catch !!!!! And when I asked him personal questions he never replied and when I asked him when is he coming back he didn't replied back on that too.



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