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Male Scammer Friedel Walter

Scammer Friedel Walter


Scam Danger: 


First Name: Friedel
Location [Address]: unknown Cape Town (South Africa); Hout Bay (South Africa); Western Cape (South Africa)
Age: 57
Aka: unknown
Phone: unknown

Reports :

Scam Report

That scammer he told me he live in bronx ny he took my money and i saw him after that in a black scammers list, he has persuading inocent women he has been asking to them to keep 1 box of gold and dollars box to send in her country and share it and marry too he say ll retire from iraq and ll meet me in brazil how i didn t accept he has been asking for anothers women and he has another email too his email is macvam_w maravan wilson he has profile in meetic too he has using phone number00233541568398 to ring me he told me is in iraq and has house in new york he has 52 years old widow and has 1 son he ask to send money to africa accra ganna to anati raphael ta 80 thaanful for help me cos he has all informatins life and im worried please take that bad man ill send more pics too in another email he has used his own pics i saw him at webcam.



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