Male Scammer Francis Hayford

Scammer Francis Hayford

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First Name: Francis
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He emailed me said he found my profile on delightful. we emailed back and forth than had me go on google hangout so we could video chat we chatted 3 or 4 hours in the morning and 3 or 4 hours at night, he said he wanted to send me a diamond ring and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me he then told me he had a lot of metals, $3,000,000 in cash 25 kilos of gold bars he wanted me to hold for safe keeping a diplomate would hand carry it he was traveling to weswt africa than here and would call me with schedule, I said I couldnt accept this for all I new it could be counterfit or drug money, I kept refusing finally I said I had to go out of town and couldnt accept. 2 days later I had a miss call from the diplomat courier at 1:30am and one at 8pm I didnt answer emailed that I was out of town. two days later he video chatted that the courier was in west africa and needed $787.00 to send to him for some other thing he needed to get out of country I refuses he kept pressuring me I would give he then kept saying oh this means you dont love me and I finally just hung up. He also said he had a son 9 yrs old that lived at Ottawa Canada when I checked it it was a hotel. I also have pictures he sent me of the money and ring and his men and uniform and his ID,the picture of money matched a report N15.



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